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TWO-2004 Lock Inspection Systems Met30+f3 and Weighcheck CK6000 Checkweigher combo, L-R flow and R-L flow.


Both machines power up and display menu is active.  The checkweigher portion zeros out and calibrates correctly. We have set up a product to test operation and product runs reliably over the CK6000 checkweighers. 


However, the Met30+ metal detectors have issues and L-R needs a new key pad. It can be adjusted via the master display just as it would if it had a good keypad. It has produced false detections unless gain is reduced. The R-L machine seems to accept a new product setup and operate until its in operation for 1/2hour or so. This part may have to be reconditioned by a qualified technical agency. We have priced these accordingly. The conveyors do run and the displays work on both units. Light towers are fully functional on both units. 


The frame is Stainless Steel and the belts are Intralox plastic except for the checkweigher weigh table, has a poly belt. The reject is a pneumatic cylinder that activates when metal is detected or an underweight/overweight condition exists.



Metal detector opening (clear): 13.5" W x 6.5" H

Weigh Table Length: 14.5"L x 12" W

Overal machine length: 7ft-3in. 

Load Cell Max: 66 lbs

Frequencies: 30Khz, 100Khz, 286Khz

Set up Accuracy: +/-5 grams

Width of machine: 38"

Load Cell: Tedea model 240

Reduced $1000.00 8-22-17

Buy it now, AS-IS for $4859.00ea plus crating. Offers invited.

FOB Maple Plain, MN. For local pickup only.

Note: Price is subject to disposition of machine. We may make necessary repairs and price accordingly.

 Please call for status. 763-551-2500.













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